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Our Responsible Commitments

Experience the thrill of motorsport with 500 Nocturnes, where every turn combines pleasure and responsibility. We are proud to combine our passion for racing with a strong commitment to eco-responsibility.

Our commitments

Responsible racing 

Local partners & responsibilities

Resource management



Grille de départ : 30 GT de nuit

An increasingly responsible race

At the 500 Nocturnes, the passion of motorsport is combined with environmental responsibility.
We're embracing biofuels and electrification to give our racing a green boost and contribute to a more environmentally-friendly future.

Today, only

1 %*

of the event's carbon emissions are linked to motor racing.

Target 2027

30 %

of cars on the racetrack will run on biofuels or electricity by 2025


Choosing local, responsible partners 

We are proud to work with local partners who share our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. By choosing local companies as partners, we actively contribute to the local economic fabric while minimizing our carbon footprint.

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Commitment policies



Our partners develop internal policies,
certifications and labels to help us reduce our environmental impact.

Alsace's economic fabric

100 %

of partners are from the Alsace region


voie des stands : Lamborghini huracan

Waste management

The adrenaline of racing coexists with our commitment to exemplary waste management. Each event is a demonstration of our determination to reduce, recycle and minimize our environmental impact.


75 %

of waste is recycled after the event. 

By 2025

90 %

of all event waste will be recycled.

Vue aérienne de l'événement en 2023

Resource management

Every year, the equipment used during our event is evaluated, reused and amortized in a responsible manner.
All structures, technical equipment,
tableware (Ecocup, cutlery, tablecloths, tables, etc.) are carefully cleaned and reused for each edition.


70 %

resources are reused for each edition of 500 Nocturnes

By  2025

90 %

des ressources matériels seront réutilisées pour l'événement. 



The 100% women's teams, which have made their debut in recent editions, are proof of our determination to create an inclusive environment where every driver, regardless of gender, can excel and push back their limits. 
The racing teams are also proud to integrate women in positions such as race engineer, mechanic, logistics manager...

Clio CUP du team féminin
Voie des stands avec le team féminin
Team 100 % féminin

Team 3S Racing

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Let's roll together
a sustainable future

The 500 Nocturnes team.

L'équipe des 500 Nocturnes


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