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The 500 Nocturnes story 

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The 500 Nocturnes from
1964 à 1997 

From its creation in 1964 to 1997, the 500 Nocturnes have thrilled car enthusiasts in Alsace and far beyond. 
Each time, a faster driver emerged victorious from this duel against the night. Open to GT cars from the very start, the 500 Nocturnes has seen Alpines, Porsches and Audis win the rally. 
Then, on the eve of its 30th anniversary, the race died out and the night took its revenge. 


The emergence of the new 500 Nocturnes 

For 19 years, no racing car has come to challenge the night. But what racing didn't know was that one encounter would change everything. 

A meeting between three business leaders!
One evening in 2014, they decided to revive the legend of the 500 Nocturnes car race on the Circuit de l'Anneau du Rhin.

The 500 Nocturnes from
2015 to today

The 8th edition of 500 Nocturnes  
The event has become the Grand Est's must-attend business event for companies. 

4,000 guests at the event
3,000 company heads
10 hours of non-stop entertainment
32 cars on the starting grid for the 500 Km night race 

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The 500 Nocturnes,
is also :

A high-end artistic program during the 500 km night race. 
Haute couture fashion show
Concerts & Cabarets
Acrobatic shows
And plenty of surprises during the event!

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Être informé des actualités

Merci pour votre abonnement !

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