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Much more than a simple race, the 2017 Event

500 Nocturnes 2016 gather entertainment, high speed and glamor all together

On October 8th 2016, the 500 Nocturnes were making things happen.


A lot of GT selected among the most prestigious ones (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, etc) were confront each other on the Anneau du Rhin’s track for a 3h20-long race, entirely by night.


The event took place at the renowned Anneau du Rhin’s track (between Mulhouse and Colmar) with limited ticket availability.

  • Distance: 500 km

  • Track's length : 3621 m

  • Laps: 138

  • Estimated duration: 3h20

  • Maximum speed: 300 km/h

  • Car range:  GT3, GT4, GT CUP, GT TROPHY, GT SERIE

  • Power: 300 to 600 horsepower

Not only are the 500 Nocturnes 2016 promised an exceptional race, but also a VIP reception at the heart of the circuit with a view, and full access to the paddocks. For 12h (4pm to 4am), spectacular performances and top-of-the-range entertainment were hosted to the delight of all.

  • 2 orchestras

  • DJ's

  • Humorist

  • Fashion lingerie shows

  • Acrobatic performances

  • Experience the thrill of the track (by reservation)

  • Fireworks

  • Bodypainting

  • Itinerant artists

  • And much more to discover…

500 Nocturnes are the ideal venue to spend an amazing night. Company bosses wishing to invite their clients in private rooms or display their products will be offered a special reception. For 500 Nocturnes' 2017 reservations have started already. Contact us!


A few words from the organizers


« For this 2016 edition, we’re bringing a 12 hours long-party combining sports and high-level performances. The sound of engines running on track and the speed of cars will stand alongside with glamorous fashion shows and large-scale performances. Our dearest wish? To give the 500 Nocturnes’ spectators an outstanding night! »

Damien Valdan, François Rinaldi, Lionel Valdan 

Do you remember the 500 Nocturnes?


Do you remember these cars braving the night on 500 km on the fastest roads of Alsace?

Since its establishment in 1967 until 1997, the 500 Nocturnes have thrilled the automobile lovers in Alsace and far beyond.

Every time there was a race, another driver, faster than the others, would win this duel against the night. The event has been opened to GT since its beginning: as such, the 500 Nocturnes have witnessed Alpine, Porsche or even Audi win many races.

And then, as it turned 30, the race faded out, and the night took its revenge.

For 19 years, not a single car has come to face it. And yet, the night never suspected that a meeting one day in 2014 would change everything: a meeting between three automobile lovers and businessmen who decided to bring the legend back to life.

Invited guests

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aston-martin - 500 Nocturnes
Lamborghini - 500 nocturnes
bentley - 500 nocturnes
porsche - 500 nocturnes
jaguar - 500 nocturnes
mercedes - 500 nocturnes
corvette - 500 nocturnes
lotus - 500 nocturnes
Maserati - 500 nocturnes
Mclaren - 500 nocturnes
bmw - 500 nocturnes
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Official partners

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